What is normal? Is it a benchmark which provides the capacity to measure mental capacity? It probably is, but we do not measure "normal" in that manner and there is therefore a great deal of confusion about what "normal" actually means or is.

That is not at all surprising. Bias is very common and in reality, there is therefore no such thing as normal. There is only the opportunity to identify bias, whether it is our own or somebody else's. We can certainly "measure" the difference between somebody who is knowledgeable and aware and somebody who is relatively clueless with respect to a specific thought or task, but it is foolish to generalize, as many, if not most people do.

What does that mean in practical terms? What it means is that frequently, the most "normal" people are essentially your basic, intelligent folk who do not go around carrying the baggage of the so-called "experts" who are either supposed to know, or pretend to have all the answers. These "experts" may be right or they may very well be wrong, depending upon the unmeasured, "objectivity" test which currently does not exist, or if it does, it is not applied for the purpose of analysis, in any formal capacity.

Consequently, when we speak about mental capacity in global terms, we are currently not evin equipped to judge that because we have no common standards. For example, when politically motivated people call Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump insane, they are simple reflecting their own political biases or creating their own definition of what it actually means to be normal.

Instead of labelling people you do not agree with, it is far more productive to speak, not in terms of his or her lack of normalcy, but in terms of his or her ability to fulfill a specific task. Mental health is about abilities, not "disability" and the tendency to get that backwards explains all the confusion.

There is no common standard to assess normal and people should therfore stop attacking and labelling without appropriate definition. To repeat, and it is always worth it, mental health is about ability, NOT disability, and if you would like to demonstrate the depth of your own intelligence, drop the bias.

In the meantime, if you want to fix the future, which is evidently the cause behind every political rant, understand the past.

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